Easily add your colleagues to help manage your external workforce! Collaborating on talent acquisition processes and project assignments is easy in Worksuite. Review the information below to understand how to invite & manage your internal team members.


Team members can be given full access to everything on the platform or specific roles for each module - the choice is yours! 

Inviting a Team Member

Inviting new internal team members to work with you in Worksuite requires just a couple of steps:

  • Navigate to the Team page.

The team page is accessed by clicking the gear icon in the lower-left corner of your screen.

  • Then select "Teammates" in the side navigation bar.

  • Click the blue "Invite team member" button.

  • Enter the team member's email addresses and select their permission level. Learn more about user permissions here.

The invited team member will get their invitation via email and will be able to update their own personal settings

Editing a Team Member's Permissions

  1. Navigate to the team page as described above
  2. Select the desired team member
  3. Use the drop-down menu to adjust Regular user to Admin or vise versa
  4. For Regular users, click on Manage Permissions next to their email address to adjust their permissions

Learn more about permission options for regular users here.

Removing a Team Member from Worksuite

  1. Follow the steps above to navigate to the team page
  2. From the team page, click on the desired team member
  3. Click the 3 dots on the top-left side of the screen > Remove
  4. Reassign tasks to another user (yourself or another active team member)
You can automatically reassign management of opportunities and tasks to another team mate. 

*If the exiting person also managed workflow stages or relationships, be sure to review each item and reassign as indicated for your business needs.


Have questions about team members?

Click the Support button in the bottom left to contact our amazing Support team or reach out to support@worksuite.com 

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