You can assign, track and manage work given to talent using tasks and projects. Automatically assign work using our opportunities to tasks workflow, or create tasks manually as needed. Read below to learn more about this flexible feature!

When considering the task and project relationship, you can think about a project as the folder containing all the main details and associated tasks.

As mentioned above, you can create tasks manually. However, to take full advantage of time-saving automation, you can create workflow templates that assign work to selected talent! From there, invoices can be generated directly from the task, saving you more time and ensuring your data is connected for future reporting needs!


Introduction to projects

Projects can be designed to help you track cost and calendar - to help you ensure all associated tasks are aligned to deliver results on time and on budget. To do this, add your overall budget and project start/end dates when creating a new project. Any associated task costs will automatically be attributed to your overall budget. In addition, tasks will only be created within the assigned project timeline!

Introduction to tasks

Tasks give you the flexibility to be as detailed (or basic) as you need to ensure talent has the information they need, and your internal team can track necessary details. When creating a task, you'll encounter standard required and optional fields to ensure your data is aligned. You can also create custom fields designed by you for your business needs.

Task automation

Be sure you take full advantage of task automation using workflows and invoice generation. Review the items below to learn how to connect these great features!

Status types in tasks

A task is part of a project that is more specific and is assigned to individual talent. Task status helps track the life cycle of your task, from when it is created, made live to when it is completed. You can also filter by task status in your All tasks view:

Below are the statuses in tasks:

Draft - When a task is created, it is always in 'Draft' status unless it is made live.

Pending - Once the task is open and made live, the status of it is changed to 'Pending'. The pending status indicates that the task needs to be accepted or rejected by the talent to whom it is assigned. The talent will receive an email notification to approve or reject the task.

Accepted - If the talent clicks on 'Accept' to accept the task, the status of the task changes to Accepted.

Completed - The status of the task will change to Completed once the task manager it as completed.

Rejected - If the talent clicks on 'Reject' to reject the task, the status of the task changes to Rejected.

Canceled - The task is showed with this status when you cancel the task.

Archived - When you archive the task.

Under Review - When the talent marks the task as 'Mark as completed, the task is 'Under Review' as it goes for review to the task manager.

Add an agreement within a task

You can send an agreement to a talent within a task that has been assigned to them. This agreement can include the description of the task and other information you require (Statement of Work).

You can choose from a pre-configured agreement template or directly upload one from your desktop. An agreement will be created based on the task details you have provided that will be electronically signed and stored under the Agreements tab within the Task.

Milestones & deliverables in tasks

The milestones & deliverables feature within tasks allows you to create milestones, request deliverables, and even generate invoices based on these items. Read more here.

Duplicating projects & tasks

Tasks and Projects help you organize and assign work to your external talent. You can duplicate projects and tasks and then modify them depending on your needs. 

Click on the three vertical dots corresponding to the project or task name in the projects and task section to see the option to duplicate the records.

Points to consider:

  • We can duplicate a complete project. This will retain all the information from the project which you have duplicated, like tasks, talent, or milestones in tasks. Make sure to make changes before making it live.
  • Due to the Budget feature on Projects and FX fluctuations, a Project can only have one currency. If the Project and all tasks are in Draft, you can update the currency. But once a Task within a Project is made live, the Project currency can no longer be updated.
    • We recommend duplicating the project, which will copy over all tasks in the draft and allow you to make the currency change at the Project level.
  • We can remove the tasks or add a new task to a duplicated project as per the requirement or edit the task. 
  • Once the task is made live, it is not possible to remove/delete the task.
  • We can duplicate the project and tasks irrespective of what their status is.
  • The talent detail is also copied when duplicating the project or task. Hence, make sure to update the talent detail in the task before making it live.

Task calendar

Task calendar is an optional feature that gives you a calendar view of all the tasks to help you in project and task management.

This view is also enabled for talent, so they can efficiently plan their workload by looking at the span of the Tasks they are booked for between Task Start & End Date.

Each row will contain a task with the following information:

  • Task name, Project name, and talent avatar (with the name displayed on hovering)
  • Task statuses - Draft, Pending, Accepted, under Review
  • Tasks will disappear from the calendar once it's marked as Completed

Bulk task booking

This feature gives you a grid view of when assigning a task to a partner, this way you can dial in on who is and who is not avaiable for your task. 

Bulk Task Booking

should know this but is there something that needs to be enabled to have this availability grid appear when assigning a task to a partner? Maybe Weekly Timesheets needs to be enabled? Thank you in advance!


Once a talent accepts a task, they can start adding the hours they work directly against that task on the associated timesheet. This will allow you to track and keep a record of how much time they work every week.

Timesheet availability

Timesheets are available for each task that has been assigned to a talent where the fee is set to Hourly Rate

Task status

A talent will be able to edit the timesheet as long as the status of the task is currently:

  • Pending
  • Accepted
  • Under Review

Review and approval

Once the talent enters their hours, you will be able to see it on the task so that you may approve or reject the time. If needed, you can send a message directly from the task as well.

When you approve a timesheet, you will be allowed to confirm approval before it is finalized. 

Invoice generationBefore confirmation, you can select to generate a payment (invoice) based on the timesheet and even mark it as approved.

NOTE: Timesheets are based on hours (60 minutes). There's a difference when entering a '.' vs ':'. The ':' means it's out of 60 minutes. The '.' means it's out of 100. So if the rate is 4.75, that means, 5hrs & 45 minutes. (.75 = 3/4 of 60 min).

Generate a payment within a task

When a task is completed, you or the external talent can add an invoice directly to a task. 

There are several ways to add an invoice or payment to a task:

  • Using the ellipses dropdown menu next to their avatar in the task list view

  • Within the task, use the dropdown menu beside the button to update the status or by using the Add a payment button.

  • You can also add payments when approving a milestone.

Task and Project Export

You can obtain a CSV file with the following data points by clicking the "Export" action button:

Project Data

  • Status
  • Name
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Last updated
  • Active Tasks
  • Budget Overview
  • Currency
  • Messages

Task Data

  • Status
  • Talent name
  • Task name
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Task Fee
  • Currency
  • Messages
  • Last updated

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