In order to have a clear idea of when to expect your payments to arrive, It is important to understand the status of your invoices. Please read below for an overview of Worksuite invoice statuses.

The status of your invoices are visible from the Payments module, you can access this module by clicking on the dollar sign icon at the left of your dashboard.

There are five statuses of Payments. Below is a brief description of each status:

  • New - New invoices will be in the Unpaid category when you or your client creates a new invoice. This status indicates that the payment is still in the initial stage and is yet to be approved for payment processing.
  • Approved - Invoices will be in the Approved status when your client approves them. This status indicates that the invoice is ready to be scheduled for a pay run (note that the Scheduled status is visible only to your client).
  • In Flight - This status indicates that we have received funding from your client and the payment for this invoice is on its way to your account. We expect it will be received in 1 to 5 business days, depending on the destination country.
  • Paid - Invoices will be in the Paid status 3 days after In Flight as we expect the funds to be available in your bank account in this timeframe. Note that some international wires take longer to land. 
  • Rejected - Your client has rejected your invoice and you will need to make modifications prior to resubmission.


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