You can add a PDF document to your workflow for talent to review as they progress. This provides talent with any necessary information contained in the document.

Step-by-step guide

Instructions to add a PDF document to your workflow.

This process aims to ensure that the document is available in the Worksuite platform for your talent to view.

Step 1: Create a location to house the document

  • Please create a new custom field template with a Document Request content item and make it visible to talent. Save the template.

Step 2: Add the document

  • Create a new opportunity
  • Add all necessary details
  • Add the custom field template created in Step 1 of this process
  • Upload the PDF file and create the job opening
  • Set your job opening to live

Step 3: Obtain the URL for your document

  • Copy link to the job opening and open it on incognito mode.
  • Copy and paste the URL for your document

Step 4: Add your document URL to the workflow

  • Navigate to the onboarding module, edit/create onboarding workflow with Request Data stage, and select the option to embed PDF in the content tab of request data
  • Paste the link of the PDF you copied from the job opening page in the text box for PDF. Save the Onboarding workflow and assign it to a talent.

Talent view:

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