Create opportunities for new or existing talent to express their interest in! You can add a workflow to vet candidates and even automate task creation when you find the right candidate for the job!

Note that Opportunities may also be referred to as Job Openings, Requisitions, Marketplace listings or a custom term.

Opportunities are where talent will begin their journey with you and your organization. When creating a new opportunity in Worksuite, you can easily build efficiencies that take the manual effort out of your day:

  • Predefined workflows that collect needed information from candidates
  • Standardized vetting processes that help your team collaborate quickly
  • Automatic task assignment to selected candidates


How to create opportunities

Step 1: Navigate to the Marketplace tab in the side navigation bar.

  • This can be found in your sidebar menu.

Step 2: Select the option to create a new job opening

  • This is a blue button in the upper right corner of your browser window.

Step 3: Add content

  • Name, description, location, and approvers
  • Be sure to add a pre-defined workflow. This will help you collect necessary information from the candidate and standardize internal vetting processes.
  • Attach a project and task if desired. Selected candidates will be assigned this task.

Step 3: Determine visibility

  • Click on Create Job Opening. Now you can select if you want to make this opportunity public or invite-only. When you select the 'Public' option, it will be posted on your Public Portal. Read more on workflows here.

Step 4: Set the opportunity live

  • To make the opportunity live, click on the Make Live button. You will be given the option to add talent groups or individual talent at this time. You can also decide whether the opportunity will be posted publicly, privately, or via a direct link you can send out via email or social media.

Step 5: Review candidate status

  • Once the opportunity is made live, the status will change from Draft to Open. You will see the status of invited talent immediately (this will default to Not Started until they begin their submission to the opportunity and other key information.

Interacting with opportunities
Adding Applicant / Candidate

Applicants can be directly added to an opportunity by clicking on 'View Applicants'.

Then 'Add applicant', and enter the desired applicant.

Opportunity Status

Opportunities have 5 possible statuses. Below is a brief description of each:

Draft - Opportunity will be in Draft status when it is created initially and is not made live. The draft status indicated that the opportunity is not yet live for the candidates to apply.
Open - Opportunity will be in Open status as soon as we make the opportunity Live. This status indicates that the opportunity is live for the applicants to apply.
Completed - The opportunity will be in completed status once the candidate selection is completed and the position is closed.
Cancelled - Cancelling the opportunity will cancel it in the middle of the process or as soon as the opportunity is created as per candidate requirements.
Archived - Archiving behaves similarly to hiding or deleting the opportunity. We generally archive the item if it's not needed in the system.

Opportunities can be searched based on keywords. This powerful feature allows you to narrow your results based on text found within the opportunity (such as Title, Description, and other key fields).

Filters on opportunities allow you to segment results based on your needs easily. This can be helpful when trying to surface jobs with specific attributes like location, status, etc. You can also save your search for quick reference in the future!

Saving your search is a great feature to improve your efficiency for searches you perform often!

Opportunity templates

Opportunity templates are designed to increase efficiency by saving frequently used opportunities for repeat use in the future. They can be used for new talent recruitment, task assignment, and contract re-evaluation, among other applications.

Templates can be created by selecting the Job opening templates in the Marketplace menu. From there, complete the necessary information and save the template. 

Saved templates will now be available when you select to create a new job opening.

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