Save time manually adding Projects & Tasks one-by-one by leveraging the Bulk Import capability within the Projects & Tasks module. 

This feature is available to all Enterprise customers. 
To enable, ask your Account Manager or reach out to

Steps for upload:

1. Populate the shared template with the data for tasks and projects to be imported.



- Required fields include Worker Email, Project Name, Task Name, and Status. The rest of the columns can be left empty.  

- Values for Status = draft/pending/accepted/completed/rejected/cancelled/archived/under_review  

- Save the file in .csv format before uploading. 

Important: The Date format for Task Start and End Date is YYYY-MM-DD. 

Tip: Use Format Cells in Excel to get the start & end date in the correct YYYY-MM-DD format. 


2. Navigate to Tasks & Projects and click on Bulk Import.


3. Select the file you have prepared and click ‘Upload and test’.

4. Once the test upload is successful without any errors, click on ‘Start real import’.


5. Check if the real import is successful.


6. Navigate to the Projects & Tasks module to check the tasks and projects are imported.


Additional Notes: 
- Workers should be added in Worksuite before adding/assigning Tasks though bulk import. 
- Ensure you have the correct email associated to the worker's profile. 
- If there are any errors, try to resolve it by updating the template and going through the steps again. After that, reach out to for help.