Tasks and Projects help you organize and assign work to your external talent. Once you create a project, tasks can be added and assigned to your talent. You can even track milestones and create invoices within the task!

First, you need to create a new project that will contain all the related tasks. Then you are ready to add tasks, either manually or through automation. 

Let's use the example of a simple website design project and associated tasks:

Project name: Website Design

Associated tasks could include:
- Content determination
- Design & build (this could include milestones of providing a few samples to choose from, draft site build, final design sign-off, final build, etc.)
- SEO review

Step by step guide

How to create a project

Step 1: Navigate to the tasks & projects tab

  • This can be found in your sidebar menu

Step 2: Select the option to create a new project

  • This is a blue button in the upper right corner of your browser window

Step 3: Add content

  • Project name
  • Project description (optional)
  • Start/End date (optional)
  • Budget (optional)

You can use the project timeline and budget to accurately track the overall progress of the collection of associated tasks.

Your project will be saved as a Draft until tasks are added.

How to create a task

The steps below reflect manual creation of tasks. Tasks can be automatically created by using opportunity workflows. To learn more on how that is done, click the link at the bottom of this article.

Step 1: Select the option to add a task

  • This is a button found within the desired project
  • It is located in the upper right corner of your browser window

Step 2: Add content

  • Task name
  • Task managers (these are individuals within your internal team)
  • Task description
  • Start/End date
  • Assigned talent (once you start typing a name or email, matching options will appear)
  • Fee information
  • Milestone information (more on this optional feature below)
  • Necessary skills
  • Custom field information

While much of the content is optional, a more complete task will provide your talent with the information they need to review the task and accept the assignment.

  • The task will be saved in the Draft state until you set it to Live

Step 3: Add milestones

  • Milestone name
  • Milestone description (optional)
  • Milestone deliverables (optional)
  • Milestone managers (optional)
  • Milestone fee (optional)

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