Welcome to your Worksuite Implementation!

We believe that implementation doesn't end at Go Live, so you'll receive access to your tailored Worksuite Journey. This will be our reference guide during implementation and beyond! 

We've outlined the key topics to review in our Implementation Kickoff to make your experience a success for both your partners and your team. 

Implementation Checklist:

  • Platform Access: You should receive access to your environment within 1-2 days of signing. 
  • Implementation Workbook: Your hub to track timeline, data to import, and manage workstream checklists
  • Implementation Workflow: We use our own tool to begin your onboarding and implementation process. This is where you'll upload agreements and perform payment registration. 
  • Email branding & custom URL: It's good to get started on email/URL customization early since it requires coordination across domain teams.  
  • Payments Registration: If you've signed up for Worksuite Pay, be on the lookout for our KYC/AML process. 
  • Schedule Recurring Check-in: We think it's important to connect weekly until we get you to Go Live. Let us know times that work on a recurring basis for your team. 

Use Slack? Let us know and we'll create a shared channel for better collaboration!
Ask us about other topics such as: BI/Analytics,Zapier,SSO,Integrations

Kickoff: Establish a foundation for the key measurements of success

  • Deep-dive into your business & objectives

  • Explore your ideal talent management end state
  • Review success factors and key deliverables

Requirements: Gather detailed requirements to ensure maximum Worksuite utilization

  • Education on Worksuite design, capabilities, and feature sets
  • Gather talent types, profiles, on-boarding, and management requirements
  • Define data collection templates

Build & Test: Platform optimized with user feedback and ready to go

  • Configuration of Worksuite instance
  • Optimization and import of data
  • Communication strategy and preparation of personalized messaging
  • User testing

Rollout: Continually reiterate and improve to drive results

  • Communications to internal business users and talent
  • On-board talent
  • Gather feedback and measure against success criteria


Have questions about your implementation?

Contact your Implementation Manager or send us a message to support@worksuite.com