Add style and flavor to your workflows with content stages! Content stages make your workflow interactive and easier for your talent to follow!


What are Content Stages?

Content stages are stages with a workflow where you can put structure and context to your workflow. You can create a questionnaire for your talent, and some customers even embed training directly into the platform! 

Check out the talent's experience: 

Setup within Workflow Stages

Content Stage - Section

Make the beginning of your content heard with the section.

Content Stage - Text Area

Displays a rich-text editor


Content Stage - Video

Imagine that you have an instructional video you need all your workers to watch - you can add a video item to the stage, add a checkbox "I've watched the video" - and they're done! It's that easy!

Content Stage - PDF

Need your talent to review an overview of your company or a Getting Started guide, add a PDF here to accomplish that! Make onboarding your all-in-one place for talent to start working ASAP!

Admin View of Workflow 

Support / Resources

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