Time is money for your freelancers. Many freelancers charge clients by the hour, so tracking time precisely is a top priority. Have your talent capture and track their working hours against projects, tasks, and activities with our Timesheets functionality!


Timesheets Purpose

A timesheet is a data table that an employer can use to track the time a particular employee has worked during a certain period. Businesses use timesheets to accurately account for the time their workforce spends on tasks and projects. This makes timesheets essential to any successful business.

Weekly Timesheets

With weekly timesheets, your talent can traditionally track the time they spent on a task by inputting the hours that they spent on the task. 

Talent's View

Once a timesheet is submitted for review, a freelancer is unable to edit it

Administrator View

Administrators are able to view the talent's timesheets within the task and have the options to Approve or Reject

It can also be viewed by clicking on the "All timesheets" icon to have a full list of their talent's timesheets

Timesheets with Breaks (Extended)

With this functionality, a weekly timesheet with breaks is an easy-to-use template that can be used to record and calculate the billable and non-billable hours from net hours worked. They can even drop notes to leave additional details for their timesheet approvers

Note: This specific Timesheet feature is compliant with the California labor law (Labor Code Section 512)

Talent's View

How they can submit a Timesheet

If your talent needs to make an adjustment to the timesheet, they can also edit it before submitting it for approval. After submitted they cannot edit it. 

Administrator View

Once the talent submits the timesheet the status of the timesheet changes to "under review". This is where you have the option to approve or reject the timesheet.

Also, you can view the timesheet from the All timesheets select as well

Freelancer Timesheets

Have your talent record their time directly in Worksuite! Keep track of their time and turn projects into profit. Discover how much time they've spent on their projects and tasks.


Freelancers can keep track of their time from beginning to end. To begin tracking, they will start the timer after selecting the project and task that they are working on, and adding notes if necessary. Simply press stop when they're done, and the time will be logged into their timesheet.

Manually Enter Time

Have any freelancers forgotten to submit their timesheet? Don't worry, they can manually enter one in!

Timesheet Reminders

Missed an entry? Timesheet reminders will keep your talent on track to ensure that they are entering their time accurately.

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