Whether you're using a W2 Partner, require approval chains, or need agreements signed prior to work being assigned, Resource Requests can be used to fit a variety of scenarios!

Resource Requests are used to simplify & centralize complex processes and paperwork that are required before assigning a Freelancer a Task.


What is a Resource Request? 

Resource Request is a simplified & centralized process for managers to submit requests for freelancers to work on upcoming tasks/assignments. Managers complete the resource request form, add the freelancer and submit it forward. The workflow continues the path forward to approval, sign agreement, or action stages! 

Once the workflow stages are complete, the Request will be marked as Completed and the Task/Assignment will be created. 

Why use a Resource Request? 

If your internal team wants to make a request for vetted talent who is already a part of your network, then the Resource Request Workflow is great way to use the Opportunities module. Your Resource Team can easily track requests within Worksuite, such as who made the request, what the request is for, who is interested in the opportunity, and when a candidate is chosen. The freelancer can then complete the task, raise an invoice, and get paid for the work.

Resource Request Process

  1. Hiring Managers submit a Resource Request form via the Opportunities module. This form can be customized based on your needs, such as custom fields, mandatory/optional fields, help text, etc.
    • Collect information such as what type of resource is needed, goals and objectives of the task, preferred location, approvers, who the task manager will be, etc.
    • Hiring Managers can fill out a request when they need a freelancer for a new or ongoing project.
    • Task and Project details are filled out upfront.
    • Can enable Approvers, which allows an admin or group of admin to approve an opportunity (or request) before it's posted. This is useful if any Hiring Managers are allowed to submit requests but require someone to approve them before the Resource Team selects a freelancer.
  2. Resource Team/Resource Manager approves request (if Approvers are enabled) and proceeds through a candidate selection workflow. 
    • This workflow can be used to provide information to the freelancers added to the opportunity such as task description and task fee, where they can then decide if they're interested.
    • There can also be Sign Agreement stages for a required document to be signed before the Task is assigned. 
  3. Once a candidate is selected, a task can be autogenerated using the Task and Project details that were entered when the request was submitted. 

If you're using Invoices or Worksuite Pay, an invoice can be raised by the freelancer or on behalf of the freelancer within the Task and submitted for approval & payout.


Where can I find Resource Requests functionality? 

Within the Job Openings or Marketplace module! Ask a Worksuite account manager or support team to get this setup for you today.

If I update a Resource Request after it's completed, will the task update? 

No. Once the Task is created via an Action Stage, the task details (rate, start/end date, description) will not be reflected on the Task. It's recommended to complete all work on the Task once the Resource Request is submitted. 

How do I log or track an extension or rate change? 

Task Managers should include relevant parties to be notified of task changes. Simply edit the Task, and an email is sent to all Task Managers and the Freelancer. There may be custom fields that are created, which do not trigger an email to Task Managers. Fields that will trigger an email: 

- Task Name

- Task Start / End Date

- Task Fee

- Task Description 

How do I know if a Task was created on my Resource Request?


You'll find the Tasks column on your Resource Request to view the Tasks that were created via the automation. See Tasks tab below!

How can I contact relevant teammates about the Resource Request? 

Use the Team Board tab! It's used for messaging your team internally. Use @ to tag a teammate in Worksuite and post an update or ask a question. See Team Board below!


Have questions about Resource Request Forms?

Click the Support button in the bottom right to contact our amazing Support team or reach out to support@worksuite.com