We've created an action plan to assist you to get going and set up your workflow as soon as possible. Since the majority of workflow setups are self-service, we want to make sure you know how to modify the workflow to suit your needs.

Each heading below summarizes the major changes added to the new workflow editor and how to use it.

  • How to add tooltips and descriptions to custom questions?

a) Click on the vertical 3 dots.

b) To add the tooltip or description, choose one of the two actions from the list.

  • How to duplicate questions in the Request Data stages?

Within the Request Data stage, you can duplicate a custom question and edit the question or options to better suit your needs. For example, you have two similar types of questions with small differences in questions and options. You can just duplicate the question and make updates to the duplicated question rather than manually inputting the options again. 

  • How to change the order of choices/options in choice or dropdown type fields?

You may click, drag, and position a choice anywhere in the list by using the three horizontal bars adjacent to it.

  • How to use nested fields?

Every item from single-multi-choice and dropdown custom fields can have one or more nested fields underneath. You can click on "Add nested fields" to add a nested question.

Points to Note:

a) These nested fields will only appear if you select the specific choice/option which has a nested question

b) You can only have one level of nested fields

c) You can add profile fields, custom fields, and content to the nested field

Note: The other features of the workflow editor, such as custom notifications and conditional logic, perform exactly the same as they did in the previous editor.