Worksuite's Tax Information Form allows your client to securely store your income tax filing information to meet legal and tax compliance regulations once they compensate you for your services.

You may access the Tax Information form either in an onboarding workflow stage, or directly in your Worksuite profile in either of two ways from your Dashboard: Edit Profile or Settings (lower left icon). See here for screenshots.

As of November 27, 2023, we have enhanced the Tax Information Form for those whose tax filing country is United States in two ways:

  • The selections on the form now more closely align with Form W-9
  • You no longer need to complete Form W-9 in a separate onboarding stage or profile section -- it is automatically generated from the Tax Information Form!

This not only increases efficiency but ensures consistent and accurate information, especially should your tax filing information change, for example if you establish an LLC and update your filing status from Individual to Business.

November 27, 2023: If you previously completed your Tax Information with filing country United States, your form is no longer complete and must be resubmitted by March 5, 2024, to remain payable.



Why does Worksuite require tax filing information from freelancers?


Each country has unique income and tax reporting requirements that Worksuite and your client must abide by for all payments to freelancers. We collect this information to facilitate your client’s adherence to these requirements.

For our Global Pay customers, having tax information on hand also facilitates payment delivery to countries that require beneficiary information beyond their bank account details (e.g. many in South America).

What information does Worksuite collect in the Tax Information form?

Worksuite collects the following tax filing information:

  • Whether you file as an individual or business
  • The country in which you file taxes
  • Your tax identification number
  • Your legal name or business name
  • Your mailing address

Outside the United States and Canada, only the top three fields are required.

I already submitted the Tax Information form. Why is my information missing?

Due to the newly launched version of the form, your previously submitted tax information may appear to be removed but is still available upon entering the Tax Information form.

When are freelancers required to provide their tax information?

Your client may request your tax filing information during onboarding, and if they subscribe to Worksuite's Global Pay service (Worksuite processes your payments), then you are required to provide your tax information to be considered payable in Worksuite.

Beginning with the implementation of the enhanced Tax Information Form as described above, Worksuite has implemented a grace period during which freelancers who need to submit their tax information will continue to be payable.

*The grace period expires on March 5, 2024.*

At the end of the grace period, your client will not be able to Schedule your invoices to be paid out if you still need to submit your tax information.

Who is included in the grace period?

Freelancers who have previously completed their tax information in filing country United States are afforded the grace period to remain payable.

The grace period does not apply to:

  • Existing freelancers whose tax information is completed with a filing country other than United States (because they are not impacted by the improved form as described above)
  • Existing freelancers who have not yet completed their tax information (already subject to payable requirement)
  • New freelancers (already subject to payable requirement)

What changed on the form for filing country United States?

The Federal Tax Classification section of our form more closely aligns with Form W-9:

  • Single-member LLC is now its own selection rather than being implied under Sole Proprietor
  • Limited Liability Corporation now includes C-corp, S-corp, and Partnership elections.

How do I know if I need to submit tax information?

Non-payable freelancers with invoices in the New or Approved status receive an email each Tuesday as a reminder to submit their tax information.

Profile banners alert you and include an “Edit Tax Info” button that directs you to the Tax Information form.

I have additional questions and need assistance, please?

Please submit a support request via our Help Center, and we’ll be happy to assist.