Stay compliant, no matter where your talent is based. Introducing Automated W9 Generation with a completely new Tax Info Form for your contractors! 


What is it?

As of November 27, 2023, we have enhanced the Tax Information Form for those whose tax filing country is United States in two ways:

  • The selections on the form now more closely align with Form W-9
  • You no longer need to add a separate agreement stage for the W-9 or profile section -- it is automatically generated from the Tax Information Form!

This increases efficiency but ensures consistent and accurate information, especially should your talent tax filing information change. For example if your talent establish an LLC and update their filing status from Individual to Business.

How it works?

Your talent will be able to fill in their tax details under Settings → Tax information, and automatically generate a signed W9 file* in the same step.
*W9 generation only needed for vendors who are required to file taxes in the U.S.

How to add to a workflow?

You can add a Tax Information stage to the workflow to ensure during onboarding, your talent fills out their tax and, if applicable, generates their W9.

  • Navigate to Worfllows

  • Click on Edit workflow - click the 3 dots to the right of the workflow name.

  • Click on the Partner-facing stage & add a Tax Information stage.

Where can you find your talent's W9?

Worksuite securely stores each freelancer's most recent and up-to-date W9 in your Workflows → Files area. Just another way we're eliminating the admin burden, so you can focus on creative work, not paperwork.

You'll also find it under your talent's profile > More Info > Tax Information > Download W9 Form.

Note: if your talent has old versions of a W9 because they updated their tax information, a new button for Previous W9 will appear under your talent's profile > More Info > Tax Information.

Have questions about the W9?

Click the Support button in the bottom left to contact our amazing Support team or reach out to