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March 2022 Product Updates

The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within the Worksuite platform.

New features:

  • Vendor List // Added an ability to search through all fields inside Table View's customization
  • Payments // Added an option to bulk import payments


  • Vendor Profile // Added bank details fields specific for the country of Brazil
  • Vendor List // Improved table view with easier access to table menu aka "3 dots icons" and added "Profile completeness" as one of the available columns
  • Onboarding & Compliance // Add a new action trigger to "Set as compliant"
  • Job Openings // Added "sort by Status" option to the openings table view


  • ID Verification // Fixed status updates in the onboarding
  • Job Openings // Fixed problems with job openings not visible when added via API integration; Fixed issue with job opening applications done via job boards
  • Timesheets // Fixed issues with approving payments based on timesheets
  • Payments // Fixed generating payments from approved milestones; Fixed a couple of 500 errors when bulk rejecting or deleting payments
  • Custom Fields // Fixed issues with order of choices in multiple choice questions
  • Workflows // Fixed an issue with notifications not triggering to vendors from internal stages
  • Vendor Profile // Fixed date selector