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April 2022 Product Updates

The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within the Worksuite platform.

New features:

  • Agreements & Compliance // You can now upload an agreement signed outside of Worksuite to meet compliance requirements 
  • Workflows // Added an option to use variables in Stage Description and Text areas
  • Workflows // PDF summary as an attachment - It is now possible to attach the PDF summary to the teammate notification for a stage - just select the checkbox!


  • Job openings, Projects & Tasks // Extended the number of characters in the name to 200
  • Vendor List //Made it possible to set Relationship Managers to all vendors at once
  • Vendor List // Added new fields and customizations to the Table View
  • Vendor Profile // Unified default skills and services; Fixed issues with search queries starting with a letter "A"
  • Vendor Profile // Improve loading time of vendor's profile
  • Workflows // PDF summary as an attachment - Users can download a PDF summary manually from the Workflow view (before it was available only from inside a Job Opening)
  • Workflows // PDF summary as an attachment - Restructured the PDF layout to include Partner information on top. 
  • Workflows // Updated conditional formatting for questions with multiple answers
  • Payments // Updated "State" and "Postal code" fields to be optional in Bank Details stage allowing vendor's country to be different from bank's country
  • Bulk Add // Changed order of custom field choices from random to the same as defined when choices were created


  • Vendor List // Fixed issues with bulk actions on multiple vendors
  • Workflows // Fixed notifications in internal stages not triggering
  • Custom Fields // Custom fields set as boolean type are now visible as filters
  • Job openings // Fixed issue with saving Public Portal changes when cover photo was not provided
  • Integrations // Fixed 'assigned_workflows' response for creating partners via public API